Lately I have come to notice more and more how often mental illness and sexual abuse occurs, yet barely anybody realizes it.

I think people should be more aware of it and less judgmental about it. Most people seem to think that mental illness means you’re completely mad and a danger towards society when in truth most of them are perfectly normal people who just have heavy emotions that they can’t always handle. People are not aware of what goes on in one’s mind and therefore can’t understand what that person is going through.

Sexual abuse is a whole different thing. People don’t know who is affected by it because most people are still ashamed of it and thus won’t admit to it. Some of the victims don’t even realize what has happened to them which means they hold all emotions in.

I have tried to capture my experiences in these photos. I know that both the experiences are completely different to everybody who goes through it, but I hope to raise some awareness through it and hope that it might help at least someone understand that they are not alone.

My work:

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