It is the end of summer, and what a summer it has been!

This summer I have flown on an airplane all by myself for the first time! Don’t get me wrong, I love going on an airplane; it means a new destination, vacation, adventures, happy memories, flying above the clouds and so much more. Yet I always get a bit nervous. So normally I have the comfort of sitting next to someone I know, but this time it was all me. And guess what, as soon as we were up in the air all my nerves were gone; I left them on the ground.

Of course later I got a bit nervous because I got to Spain late in the evening and I had to take a bus and then a short walk to the hostel all alone. But with good planning and double checking everything I arrived in just one try without any problems.

I was supposed to meet my sister the next morning, but she got delayed. I decided to go on a free walking tour and I got to meet these lovely people! We spent all our time together until my sister arrived which was about three or four hours later than planned.

But it was more than okay because I had the experience of a lifetime and got to meet a lovely new family.

*those photos are not just from Spain, but also from my vacation in Italy this summer*

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