Currently I am in my second year of the study Communication & Multimedia Design. We are going in a bit deeper and I am still curious about the aspects of design we are learning.

For this school project we had to create our own brand. This was the first time we had to create something this big; something truly from the start. As we had no real client for this assignment we had to choose something that was of current interest. During a discussion with my lecturer and some of my classmates I came up with the brand “Shut Up & Speak”. An awareness-brand.

I came up with this idea because I found myself in yet another discussion with a lot of different opinions; this interests me because I think it is important to hear multiple sides of every story. Most people hear one side and have their opinion ready; they are not going to let go of it. With Shut Up & Speak I wanted to make people listen to the multiple sides and different opinions before getting prejudiced. I wanted people to get closer by going into discussion.

My work:


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