Speedmeet Avans

As one of the vast promotion students and first member of the Avans CMD Content Creators I was invited to attend a meeting regarding the new promotion video for the Avans Speedmeet meant for the second year students.

The Avans Speedmeet is a program in which students can apply for a eight-minute-meet-up with several brands and companies to show their portfolio and personalities in order to find an internship. The main goal of this Speedmeet is that the students can show their portfolio and resume and have a first impression of what kind of internships are possible. On the other hand is this also a first setting for companies to scout potential interns.

From my own experience I know how anxious some students can be, because for a lot of them this will be the first time to meet with an actual company member and show them their own portfolio. Especially going after a company yourself can be nerve-racking for the first time.

So the main goal of this promotion video was to take away the nerves of the students and give them a comfortable and secure feeling towards the Speedmeet.

It was up to me to think along in the concepting phase, keep an eye on the students perspective and help behind the scenes of the shoot.

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