During my internship at the Online Marketing department of the Dutch National Opera & Ballet I was responsible for keeping the social media channels up-to-date. Daily messages had to be posted on their Facebook page, three times a week on their Instagram and YouTube videos had to be posted as soon as we received them from our AVM-team.

These messages had to be written and rewritten differently for every target audience and channel it was posted on. Because every social media channel had their own target audience and thus their own language. This period I learned the importance of language use; each audience has a different way of communicating. So it was a real challenge on my ‘writing days’ when I had to switch between the different styles of communicating.

But luckily my weeks were not filled with just ‘writing days’. I also had to attend meetings and participate in brainstorms. These meetings I had to attend were mostly the concept-phase for new videos or social media strategies. Besides the video brainstorms I was also asked to help behind the scenes of the shoots. These were just simple tasks as helping with the set-up or helping with the special effects e.g. the lights or simulating story winds.
On production days with extra’s I was often in charge of welcoming and escorting them.

Whenever I was very lucky I even got to film short video’s myself for the Instagram stories and posts.
I even got a little bit of screentime myself in some video’s.

Furthermore I got the chance to work on my photography. I was allowed to attend some of the rehearsals for Opera and Ballet to make photos of which some have been used on their social media platforms.

It was a very tough but rewarding internship where I have gained a lot of new knowledge and skills in communication, creative thinking and tackling problems.

At the rehearsal of the opera Il barbiere di Siviglia
Behind the scenes of the promoshoot for the opera Il barbiere di Siviglia
Behind the scenes at the lievstream on Ballet Day
Behind the scenes of the Christmas promo-shoot
Another behind the scenes of the Christmas promo-shoot

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