Concert singing school Judith van den Dool

Judith van den Dool had asked me to make photos during her student concert. A little nervous yet very excited I said yes. As soon as I got home I started making sketches of different compositions I wanted to try and take. I felt it was important not only to capture the singing students, but also the playing band members. So I sketched out a couple of ideas I had for the pianist and drummer.

On the day of the concert I brought my laptop, so that I could transfer the photos during the break. This way I would be sure my storage was not going to be full before the end of the concert.

During the sound check beforehand, I started to take some test photos to see what the lighting would be like and where the best places in the room would be to take good photos.

During the concert I thought it was most important to look for the pure moments. The moments where the students forgot about the audience and just be in the moment. This taught me to look for signs right before those moments appear, so you will be on time taking the shot. I have also learned to always look around with constant focus. Because in a room full of people there is always someone having a moment that should be captured.

The work:


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