How worldy is the globe?

For this group project we were asked to look into Innostava’s globe project and bring it to the next level.

At the time Innostava had created an interior for elementary school Cleijn Hasselt in Tilburg which was shaped like a globe. This big skeleton was placed inside the school and could be used by the children to work in or explore the contents is held, like books and plants.

Innostava asked us to create a new concept for a globe 2.0. It had to be innovative and prefarably circulair based as it is meant to be an inspirational environment.

We decided to look at different aspects of the current globe and give the elements new lives for mulitple purposes. They wanted to reach new audiences so we gave them three diverse groups and locations to choose from.
We divided our team into three groups so each could focus on development of their particulair audience.

Gitte and I started to work on the ‘Festival Globe’. Festivals are getting more and more into interactive installations so we wanted our globe to be of use. We decided to look into the most common problems during festivals and got to the problem of pollution. Almost every drink comes in plastic cups which are often thrown on the ground only to get crushed by dancing people, which leads to micro-pollutions.
To make this audience aware of this problem we decided the globe needed to make a big impression without ruining the festive mood.

In the end Gitte and I designed a globe which if fully made of recycled materials. Inside the globe will be a bar where they can have some drinks. Whenever someone finishes their drinks, instead of throwing them out they can add them to the walls of the globe creating an enormous artpiece.

With this recycled festival globe, we hope to inspirate the audience to think twice about their waste and see the potential some items can have after their first use.

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