For my graduation project I wanted to choose a subject that would still matter to me years from now. I ended up choosing a subject which I was quite distant to until I took it on for my project.
This subject was Climate Change.

The reason for me being distant was exactly the reason to take on this subject. I felt that I needed to wake more urge; I know climate change is a big problem, yet I do nothing about it, and I don’t really know why.

At the very start of my research I noticed I was not the only one feeling like this and being in conflict with myself. A lot of people around me struggled with wanting to take action but not really knowing how or what to do. This is where I decided I wanted to take a closer look into people’s individual impact on climate change and the daily choices or actions they can change to make a difference without that feeling like a big sacrifice.

Since the arrival of COVID-19 and the start of the Lockdown I had to change my original plans for an interactive installation to something easier to create and use at home. I started to feel like our homes and daily lives were becoming an Escape Room, and that was exactly the thought I needed!

I decided to create an Escape Box game that the people would be able to play at their homes. This way it would be fun, interactive and educational all at the same time. I created a backstory to enhance the narrative and immersive feeling and to give the players a purpose to play.
It is up to them to solve the riddles by learning about the individual impacts on climate change in order to find a code that will open up a secret digital safe.

The idea is that the more people open this safe, the safer the world will be because more people have learned about what they personally can do to reduce climate change.

With this project I graduated my Bachelor of Science at Avans University of Applied Sciences and got nominated for De Vaan Award 2020.

This openings letter introduces the game whilst containing hints to the first part of the code.
This sundial contains hidden symbols you can only see holding it up into the light.
This circular map contains multiple layers of hints and answers.
On the back of the circular map you will find a written hint to the answer.
These special glasses each show an important hint on the circular maps.

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