Elifect – A product of society

During my studies I followed the minor Interactive Narrative Design at the University of the Arts Utrecht. 
Here I learned about the importance of narrative design to enhance immersion and how interactions are only meaningful when they add value to your project.

During this minor we had to bring our knowledge to the test by creating a Interactive Narrative Design about a social problem of our own choosing.

As a group full girls, our team got to the subject of perfectionism and the influence social media has on our body image.

At the end of a two-month-period we had created a VR-experience where the focus mostly lies on the narrative. Throughout this experience there are multiple interactions happening both in- and outside of the VR-world simultaneously. There is the fact that the interactor has to walk on a treadmill while wearing the VR-goggles. Then there is the receiving of the injection which the interactor will feel on there arm. Note that we do not actually inject, but only give a sense of touch making it very real to experience. Also the interactor will cross their own image in this VR-world and sees it being used for something that is yet unknown.

This whole experience of combining physical with VR narrows the gap between reality and beyond and creates a lasting experience.

Underneath the experience there is a whole narrative about perfectionism and being influenced by your surroundings.

The experience ends with the slogan “Don’t become a product yourself” as a statement to always be true to yourself.

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