Factory of the Future

A few weeks ago I received a message from the Communication & PR employee of my old University. She told me that a new minor is starting and that the organisation would like to have a video of the events for an aftermovie and a promotional video. They wanted to use those video’s as recruitment for the following years and she told me that she had nominated me to take on the project.

Honored to still come to her mind for projects as an alumni, I immediately said yes to this assignment.

After filming the first day, together with a current CMD student who came along to gain experience, they already asked me to edit a first video.
As a result the first promotional video was online within just a few days!

To be continued…

For this opportunity I would like to give a special thanks to the following people who have given me a first project as alumni!

Marielle van der Berg – Communication & PR Avans University of Applied Sciences

Ruben Swart – Employee CMD Avans University of Applies Sciences

Dimitri van de Kelft – Teacher & Organizer Avans University of Applied Sciences

Sven Rademaker – Consultant cards PLM Solutions

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