Medisch Pedicure Culemborg – Jolanda de Beus

Some oppurtunities lay closer than expected. Due to the coronavirus I had a rough start as recent graduate in finding a job. Luckily I had someone close to me who had decided to go her own way with her current job and was in need of a little graphic help.

Happily I took on the job of creating the designs for her new logo and businesscards.

We started out with a little question round accompanied by one of her daugthers. This question round was to help me determine the look and feeling of Jolanda’s own business.
In the end we had quite a clear view of what the logo had to feel like:

– Clean and simple > the pedicure is strictly medical and not for beauty purposes

– To the point > “That is my way of being and my way of working.”

– Feet care > the target audience has to have an idea of what the business is when looking at the logo

– Single color use > not too many colors, that takes away from the medical aspect

With those points and her personality in mind I got onto the designing. In the end she and her daugthers unanimously decided which design it was going to be:

The featherd feet. I created this design thinking of how I would like to feel coming back from an medical pedicure appointment: my feet as light as a feather. The design was simple and clear enough having the name visible there, but I wanted to give it a touch of feeling that I could project on the target audience when seeing this logo.

When the logo was decided upon I was asked to design the businesscard and appointment cards as well so they could be ordered right away.

See the final results here:

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