In my last year of high school I worked in a big group on a project to raise more awareness on the war in Bosia in 1995. We had done a lot of research and went to Bosnia for a week to hear some first and second hand stories from the locals.

During our trip through Bosnia I was part of the photography group. It was our job to take photos of both locations and people that would be useful for the education program that we were going to set up back in the Netherlands. These photographs varied from portraits to details to landscapes photos.

Back in the Netherlands I was part of the small group who would help fill in the education program. We were going to make an education program for children between the age of 11 and 12. In a small group we made a presentation that multiple groups would then present to different schools. I was one of the presentation speakers.

Besides the school presentations I also helped thinking about the experience/education room. We were going to get sea containers as rooms where we could establish an educational experience room. During our trip through Bosnia I made a couple of sketches on how I would have decorated and arranged the container. A couple of elements as headsets were used in the final product.

As it was our final school project there was also a presentation night for the parents. For this presentation two other students and I were asked to speak and lead the night. I got a little nervous, but also very excited when I was asked out of 30 students to give the final presentation with two other students.

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