A band called  ‘De Praktijk’ asked me to join on their second day of studio recording. They asked me to take photos throughout the day for their social media page, upcoming site and upcoming releases. They did not have to ask me twice!

Studio photography was a whole new experience for me, and one I was extremely excited to discover.

It was a challenge. The lighting was not as good as I had expected, so it got us thinking. I brought my laptop to transfer the photos every once in a while. This I did so I could see the results and do quick editing. This way I could make better adjustments to my camera settings and also get the customers opinion about the progress of the photos. The band was happy to get these insights because it gave them more influence on the photos and inspiration for their own ideas.

But just to be sure I would get better lighting without ruining their recording with my camera-clicks, we decided to take some photos in between takes in the recording studio itself. The lighting was better in this room, so the photos would be clearer and less noisy. But to keep the real-feel to it, I asked them to sing anyway and play some music; this way it would not have this fake and posed feeling to it, but the real person and emotions.

The work


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