“To capture a moment is to capture a lasting memory”

This quote represents me. I am a designer, photographer and a dreamer. I love visuals because they tell stories everybody can understand no matter the language they speak.

As a designer I think it is important to represent the image in a way everybody will have an opinion about it as soon as they see it. It should make people think and discuss and open up new ideas. You want people to remember your design and they will forget about it if you don’t give them something to think about. You don’t have to go big but you have to go different.

As a photographer I think it is important to look around more. Really see the world that is breathing around you and focus on both the big and small things. As I said in the quote above I think it is important to capture pure moments so you can relive them everytime you look back at it. Capture the world as it is, as you see it and how you would want it to be. To photograph all three will open your mind and expand your view on the world around you.

As a dreamer I can only say that it is important to turn your dreams into plans. It can be hard and reality can sometimes look discouraging but once you are turning your dreams into plans it will feel so good.

A dream come true.